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For information on any of these vacancies, contact Thom Webster in the conference office.

Salem Stone, Carlisle, PA
Membership: 41
Salary: $10,400
Position: Parttime Pastor
20 hour/week position centered on worship preparation/leadership and pastoral care, particularly to homebound people.

Salem, Elizabethville, PA
Membership: 172
Salary: $20,000 maximum based on experience and hours worked.
Position: Intentional Parttime Interim (approx. 20-25 hours/week)
Salem is located in Elizabethville, 30 miles northeast of Harrisburg, in Northern Dauphin County.  A small town Church in a rural community, they are looking for direction and guidance during a transitional period with hopes of making their Church stronger and healthier.  Send ministerial profiles to Dr. Thomas Webster at:

St Jacobs (Stone), Glenville, PA
Membership: 384
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position Full-Time Pastor
Once yoked with an ELCA congregation, St. Jacob’s has recently embraced a new opportunity for numerical growth and spiritual revitalization. The congregation seeks to build on a solid leadership legacy while deepening its presence in the lives of persons both within and beyond the church building.

Penbrook, Harrisburg, PA
Membership: 274
Salary: Compensation Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position: Intentional Full-Time Interim
As a people of courage and peace, Penbrook will eventually be searching for a new pastor for the first time in 40 years.  Therefore, the leadership of the congregation is looking for an experienced, intentional interim pastor to be in place for 1-2 years; focusing on identifying new leadership styles and strengthening its ministry to the community.  Penbrook is very proud of its Open and Affirming ethos and designation.  Send ministerial profiles to Dr. Thomas Webster at:

Trinity, Hublersburg, PA
Membership: 150
Salary: $30,800 base + $850.00/year for up to 15 years experience; Housing Allowance & full benefits
Position: Pastor
While attending to the traditional pastoral roles, Trinity is also seeking a mission-minded leader to empower the congregation to stretch itself to go to the places people are living on a daily basis.  Willing to consider bi-vocational ministry.

HOLD Grace, Lancaster, PA
Membership: 123
Salary: Conference Guidelines (negotiable) + Housing Allowance
Position: Pastor
An Open and Affirming congregation, deeply committed to the ethos of the UCC and located in the nation’s 5th best small city, is seeking a pastor generalist with excellence in teaching, preaching, care of souls, and innovative Christian education for all ages. More importantly, Grace is seeking a person of character-one who lives honorably and faithfully in the presence of life’s challenges.

Nittany Valley Charge, Mill Hall, PA
Membership: 323
Salary: Compensation Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position: Fulltime Pastor
While there are three congregations in the charge, the new pastor will provide worship leadership in only two of the congregations each Sunday.  The people of all three congregations are heavily invested in both church and community.  A pastor willing to lead by example and one who leads from a basis of authority instead of authoritarianism will do well.

Bethel, Spring Grove, PA
Membership: 175
Salary: $30,000 (salary) + $5,280 (Housing Allowance)
Position: Part time (30 hours per week)
Bethel is seeking a pastoral willing-to-lead-by example leader; a person who will inspire others in establishing and maintaining a healthy, mature relationship with God as revealed in Jesus and sustained by the Holy Spirit.  The congregation sees its fellowship with one another as a necessary component in this work.

St Peter’s (Lischey’s), Spring Grove, PA
Membership: 236
Salary: Negotiable + Housing Allowance
Position: Fulltime Interim
Vibrant, country church seeks to work with an experienced interim pastor in order to build upon the vitality of a highly successful 5 year pastorate.  Excellent facilities, strong lay leadership and contagious spirit of optimism are valuable assets.  This position is open to persons authorized for ministry in the United Church of Christ, including Formula of Agreement denominations.  Email materials to 

Trinity, State Line, PA
Membership: 82
Salary: Negotiable
Position: Fulltime Pastor
Following the retirement of their recent 14 year pastorate, Trinity is poised to continue to build upon a solid spiritual and resourceful foundation.  The congregation’s focus is essentially outward in exciting disciple-making ministries.  Yet the church has a balanced inward focus-intentionally concerned for the quality, healthy relationships with all associated with the church.  Trinity successfully and enthusiastically completed our conference’s three year Road to Vitality program.

First Reformed, Sunbury, PA
Membership: 384
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position: Fulltime Pastor
Congregation with a strong work ethic, passion for reaching out to those beyond the congregation, and located in a scenic area along the Susquehanna River searching for a pastor to inspire and to guide a spiritually mature group of people who deeply appreciate their reformed roots, yet who seek to re-present them to an emerging group of fellow disciples.

New Covenant, Williamsport, PA
Membership: 278
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position: Full-Time Pastor
If a congregation can demonstrate what Jackson Carroll calls “ambition for the gospel,” New Covenant would be a stellar example.  It is also a good congregation on the threshold of greatness.  The congregation’s sense of hospitality, the quiet pride it conveys to the wider community to embody Christ’s compassion are unmistakable marks of New Covenant’s sense of excellence.

Hayshire, York, PA
Membership: 299
Salary: Negotiable + Housing Allowance
Position: Full-Time Pastor
Located in a stable, middle class suburb north of the city, Hayshire possesses an established reputation as a faithful, inclusive and externally focused congregation.  The church has been well-served by solid pastoral leadership for nearly half a century.  Hayshire’s congregant leaders are gifted, visionary and intelligent.






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