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For information on any of these vacancies, contact Thom Webster in the conference office.

HOLD Dover, Dover, PA
Membership: 150
Salary: Negotiable (Conference Guidelines)
Position: Pastor
Recently became ONA. Seeking pastoral generalist to help congregation move forward into its future; experience in evangelism, service to the wider community and spiritual development essential. Ministry setting equidistant between Harrisburg and York, PA

Duncannon/New Bloomfield Charge
Christ, Duncannon, PA  Membership: 67
Trinity, New Bloomfield  Membership: 100
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position: Pastor
Both churches are located in small towns in the Carlisle-Harrisburg region of Central Pennsylvania. The communities in which both churches are situated are facing social challenges they’ve not yet experienced. Both congregations feel called by God to address those challenges in faithful ways, assisting people to experience the transforming friendship of Jesus Christ through their example.

Salem, Elizabethville, PA
Membership: 175
Salary: Negotiable
Position: Parttime Pastor (approx. 20-25 hours/week)
Seeking a pastor who will work with the congregation to secure a stronger, younger and more active base of members. The congregation feels it is time to make significant changes in all things, except their core values, in order to reach this goal. Currently, Salem is sharing a pastor with another UCC congregation.

HOLD St Jacobs (Stone), Glenville, PA
Membership: 384
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position Full-Time Pastor
Once yoked with an ELCA congregation, St. Jacob’s has recently embraced a new opportunity for numerical growth and spiritual revitalization. The congregation seeks to build on a solid leadership legacy while deepening its presence in the lives of persons both within and beyond the church building.

Grace, Greencastle, PA
Membership: 208
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position Full-Time Pastor
Following the untimely death of its recently called pastor, Grace is reopening its search, seeking a pastor to work collegially with a dedicated core of congregant leaders in order to be a more missionally-focused church. Interim leadership is in place.

Emmanuel, Hanover, PA
Membership: 267
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position Full-Time Pastor
250 year old congregation located in small south central Pennsylvania city is seeking an experienced pastoral generalist to inspire connectedness between the church, neighborhood and wider community. Excellent and varied music styles.

Trinity, Hublersburg, PA
Membership: 150
Salary: $30,800 base + $850.00/year for up to 15 years experience; Housing Allowance & full benefits
Position: Pastor
While attending to the traditional pastoral roles, Trinity is also seeking a mission-minded leader to empower the congregation to stretch itself to go to the places people are living on a daily basis.  Willing to consider bi-vocational ministry.

Church of the Apostles, Lancaster, PA
Membership: 538
Salary: Conference Guidelines + either Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position: Associate Pastor
Apostles is one of the largest churches in the conference, with respect to both numbers and the facility. They are located in a growing area and are staffing for further growth in the congregation. They are open to new ideas and feeling energized about moving forward. This is a great  opportunity for a pastor who works well with people of all ages and feels called to be on the staff of a church with a rich history and exciting future.

Myerstown UCC, Myerstown, PA
Membership: 498
Salary: Conference Guidelines + either Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position: Pastor
Situated astride US 422, between Lebanon and Reading, the congregation’s motto, Love Lives Here, is seeking a pastoral leader whose presence in the pulpit and in other ministry settings conveys a contagious sense of enthusiasm for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Bethel, Spring Grove, PA
Membership: 175
Salary: $30,000 (salary) + $5,280 (Housing Allowance)
Position: Part time (20 hours per week)
Bethel is seeking a pastoral willing-to-lead-by example leader; a person who will inspire others in establishing and maintaining a healthy, mature relationship with God as revealed in Jesus and sustained by the Holy Spirit.  The congregation sees its fellowship with one another as a necessary component in this work.

St Paul’s (Stoverstown), Spring Grove, PA
Membership: 180
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Housing Allowance only
Position: Pastor
Family oriented congregation with both a passionate heart and sensible mind for mission; for making a Christ-like difference in peoples’ lives. Excellent facilities. Exceptional leaders. Seeking visionary pastoral leader. Recently completed the Congregational Assessment Tool from Holy Cow consultants.

Trinity, State Line, PA
Membership: 82
Salary: Negotiable
Position: Fulltime Pastor
Following the retirement of their recent 14 year pastorate, Trinity is poised to continue to build upon a solid spiritual and resourceful foundation.  The congregation’s focus is essentially outward in exciting disciple-making ministries.  Yet the church has a balanced inward focus-intentionally concerned for the quality, healthy relationships with all associated with the church.  Trinity successfully and enthusiastically completed our conference’s three year Road to Vitality program.

Trinity, Waynesboro, PA
Membership: 225
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Parsonage
Position: Designated Pastor
Small city just north of the Mason-Dixon Line near I-81. Church located near city center. Excellent music program, sound facilities, housing both nursery school and county’s senior center, and substantial endowment. In addition to normal pastoral duties, the designated pastor will assist in evaluating strategic plan, concentrate ministry efforts on the congregation’s strengths & opportunities and heal festering internal divisions. 2-3 year designated term. If mutually agreed upon, pastor may be considered for settled position at end of designated term. 









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