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For information on any of these vacancies, contact Thom Webster in the conference office.

Aaronsburg Charge (St Peter’s, Aaronsburg, PA & Salem, Spring Mills, PA)
Membership: 103
Salary: Compensation Guidelines/Parsonage
Position: Fulltime Pastor
Over the years, I have worked with many yoked parishes.  In most of them the individual congregations seemed more concerned about preserving their separate identities than in cooperatively serving their community.  Not so with the Aaronsburg Charge.  While members respect the history and ethos of their respective congregations, there is also an encompassing history and ethos of cooperation, service, and a common heart open to Christ’s leading binding the two congregations together.

St Paul’s, Bowmansville, PA/Zion, Ephrata, PA
Membership: 300 (combined)
Salary: $80,000 (total package including housing allowance)
Position: Pastor
One ministry; two locations. Two services/Sunday; common governing board, program and fellowship activities. What’s driving this model are the ways both congregations envision transforming the lives of people within and beyond the two churches.

HOLD First, Carlisle, PA
Membership: 630
Salary: Conference Guidelines/Housing Allowance
Position: Pastor
Located adjacent to Dickinson College, First UCC is seeking a skilled, seasoned pastoral leader to help assess ways of offering vital ministry while downsizing its pastoral staff. Toward this end, the current pastor will remain in place till his retirement at the end of 2014. The congregation possesses excellent facilities, is committed to ministry in the downtown and has an excellent cadre of lay leaders. The church embraces the principles of the national UCC in being an environmentally-responsible “green church.”

Salem Stone, Carlisle, PA
Membership: 41
Salary: $10,400
Position: Parttime Pastor
20 hour/week position centered on worship preparation/leadership and pastoral care, particularly to homebound people.

HOLD Christ, Elizabethtown, PA
Membership: 430
Salary: Conference Guidelines/Housing Allowance
Position: Pastor
Christ, Elizabethtown is considered one of the flagship congregations of the Penn Central Conference.  The congregation has been well served by a succession of fine pastoral leaders, each exhibiting differing gifts of ministry.  Moreover, the congregation honored the gifts of those different pastors in advancing Christ Church’s vision.  The result has produced a confident congregation, yet one whose learning has not been completed.

Grace, Greencastle, PA
Membership: 208
Salary: $32,600-45,300 + Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position: Pastor
As the old hymn suggests, “New occasions teach new duties.”  The time has come when Grace Church must begin to experiment with new forms of worship while at the same time keeping its solemnity, of including an emerging generation of disciples while at the same time respecting the presence of former generations, and incorporating new technology into its current practices while at the same time honoring the congregation’s core beliefs.

St Luke’s, Lancaster, PA
Membership: 73
Salary: Negotiable
Position:Parttime or bivocational
St Luke’s in downtown Lancaster is seeking a parttime or bivocational pastor whose primary duties would include worship preparation and leadership, some pastoral care and assistance in determining the congregation’s future. 

Redeemer’s, Littlestown, PA
Membership: 254
Salary: $39,000 + $11,700 Housing Allowance and Full Benefits
Position: Pastor
Strong, resilient congregation located in the middle of a southern Pennsylvania village seeking a compassionate, forward-looking pastoral leader to work with highly dedicated congregant leaders to help build a viable future upon the church’s many assets.

Trinity, Millersburg, PA
Membership: 219
Salary: Negotiable + Housing Allowance or Parsonage
Position: Fulltime Pastor
Like many mainline congregations, Trinity, Millersburg is seeking the services of a pastor who will help the church re-invent itself. Presently, Trinity embraces the opportunity to offer more lively, yet meaningful worship experiences. The congregation sees itself as an important, serving presence in the community. Trinity’s next pastor will need to work in empowering, collaborative and appreciative ways to build its ministry upon these assets.

Nittany Valley Charge, Mill Hall, PA
Membership: 323
Salary: Compensation Guidelines + Housing Allowance
Position: Fulltime Pastor
While there are three congregations in the charge, the new pastor will provide worship leadership in only two of the congregations each Sunday.  The people of all three congregations are heavily invested in both church and community.  A pastor willing to lead by example and one who leads from a basis of authority instead of authoritarianism will do well.

Incarnation, Newport, PA
Membership: 68
Salary: Commensurate with Experience +Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position: 25 hours per week
Seeking part-time pastoral leader to continue the work of getting the church out into the community since the community no longer seeks out the church.  Open to bi-vocational ministry.  Rural surroundings, yet accessible to Harrisburg, the state capital.

HOLD Zion, Strasburg, PA
Membership: 180
Salary: $40,000-$43,000; Housing Negotiable
Position: Fulltime Senior Pastor
Zion is a church with a long history (over 275 years) and a history of keeping their pastors. Their immediate past minister stayed more than 20 years. But now they are truly ready to move into a new era. You will find many areas in their profile where they would like to do some solid work (for example, writing a safe church policy) and are only waiting until their new pastor can join them on the journey. They know they must make some changes in order to continue to reach a new generation but they want to proceed with consideration and thoughtfulness. The pastor who comes to Zion should like a rural setting that is close to a thriving small city (Lancaster, PA). She or he should expect to be a team leader with a willing set of lay leaders. Zion is ready to do mission and to share their faith, but its members are also looking for a compassionate pastoral caregiver.

First Reformed, Sunbury, PA
Membership: 384
Salary: Conference Guidelines + Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position: Fulltime Pastor
Congregation with a strong work ethic, passion for reaching out to those beyond the congregation, and located in a scenic area along the Susquehanna River searching for a pastor to inspire and to guide a spiritually mature group of people who deeply appreciate their reformed roots, yet who seek to re-present them to an emerging group of fellow disciples.

Shiloh, York, PA
Membership: 631
Salary: Conference Guidelines with full benefits and Parsonage or Housing Allowance
Position: Fulltime Pastor
Unwilling to rest upon its varied accomplishments, Shiloh is in a strong position to call a pastor who will inspire the congregation to prayerfully discern new initiatives for ministry. Excellent facilities, staff, location and laity.





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