Committee on Ministry

Each of the eight Associations of the Penn Central Conference has a Committee on Ministry/Church and Ministry Committee that oversees the standing of authorized ministers and local churches.

Although each Committee may be organized differently and have some variations in practice, they all use the UCC Manual on Ministry as the basis of their work. In addition, they are now including recommendations from the recent Ministry Issues Document which is a result of a General Synod resolution.

In addition, representatives from the 9 Committees form the Conference Church and Ministry Commission that seeks to create common practices where possible and strengthen each other’s work.

They have created the Penn Central Conference Manual which is a document with common understandings, recommended best practices, and resources that Committees have offered to other Committees for their use.

The following persons serve as chairperson of the Association Committees:

Central Association – Gary Nottis, co-chair, Linda Williams, co-chair

Gettysburg Association – Rev. Sue Fritz

Harrisburg Association – Rev. Bonita Zobeck, co-chair
Rev. Priscilla Denham, co-chair

Lancaster Association – Rev. Jim Haun (Committee on Church and Authorized Ministers) and Ruth Raia (MID Committee) –

Lebanon Association – Rev. Julie Beall

Mercersburg Association – Rev. Mark Ruzicka

Northern Association – Rev. Monica Ouellette

York Association – Rev. Ron Oelrich

The following are links to the resources that guide the work of the Committees:

UCC Manual on Ministry
UCC Ministry Issues

2017 Draft Manual on Ministry
Penn Central Conference Manual (2011)
Monthly People Report

Ministerial File and Transfer Process (Additional Info from MESA)

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