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For information on any of these vacancies, contact Betsy Bruaw in the conference office.

Salem Stone, Carlisle, PA
Membership: 41
Salary: $10,400
Position: Part-Time Pastor
A 20 hour per week position centered on worship preparation/leadership and pastoral care, particularly to homebound people.

St. John’s, Chambersburg, PA
Membership: 346
Salary: Compensation Guidelines + Benefits, Housing Allowance

Position: Full-time Settled Pastor
This strong congregation is located in an historic area of south central PA where opportunities for families to flourish are numerous. The congregation houses a Nursery School, manages an outdoor ministry site belonging to the congregation and is engaged in mission and outreach in the Chambersburg community. They prayerfully seek a Minister who will guide the congregation in understanding the current challenges of the area, actively engage in dialogue and advocacy as well as community building. The Minister will also have the benefit of partnering with members who practice active care of congregation members. 

McConnellsburg/Fort Loudon Charge
St Paul’s, McConnellsburg, PA  Membership: 66
Trinity, Fort Loudon, PA Membership: 75
Salary: $37,240 + Parsonage
Position: Pastor
Situated in the heart of the scenic Cumberland Valley, the McConnellsburg/Fort Loudon Charge is searching for a pastoral leader possessing a compassionate heart, a willingness to embody a servant-leadership style, an imagination to see how both congregations can deepen its presence in the wider community and a spiritual guide to help us all deepen our relationships with the living God.

Trinity, Glen Rock
Membership: 228
Salary: Conference Guidelines
Position: Pastor, Part-Time (16-25 hrs/week)

Due to recent downturns in the economy, Glen Rock has become a bedroom community for those working in Baltimore, Maryland or York, Pennsylvania. While the pastor will devote a large percentage of time to worship planning, pastoral care, and association/conference connections, there is opportunity to connect the congregation with commuters working in Baltimore or York. They would be willing to share pastoral leadership with another congregation.

Hanover, Grace
Membership: 225
Salary: Compensation Guidelines, Housing Allowance or Parsonage
Position: Full-time Settled Pastor
Vital congregation seeking Pastor for engaging new opportunities and avenues for ministry and mission. Strong traditional and modern worship experiences within designed to deepen spirituality and provide energy to engage the community around them. Located in south-central PA, the area is rich in history and industry. Small town feel yet close to East Coast cities and shorelines. This congregation has a clear call to serve Christ through meeting every day needs of those around them. They are seeking a creative and imaginative leader to listen and guide them as they respond to the Spirit in this rapidly-changing world.

St. Jacob’s, York New Salem, PA
Membership: 225
Salary: Compensation Guidelines, Housing Allowance
Position: Settled, Half-Time Pastor
Part-time ministry with this passionate congregation will provide an opportunity to be creative and visionary in mutual mission. Located just outside the city of York, PA with its industry and energy as well as close to large East Coast cities and the MD and NJ shorelines. This congregation seeks to disciple with a ministerial leader who will listen and guide them as they continue to live into their identity as a church that is out and about in Christ’s realm. Great possibility as a bi-vocational or cooperative ministry!

New Hope Fissel’s, Glen Rock, PA
Membership: 165
Salary: $42,000 + Benefits, Housing Allowance

Position: Full-time Settled Pastor
This south-central Pennsylvania congregation is searching for a full-time minister. Strong sense of mission and spirituality, deep roots to history. Close proximity to local high school and site of programming. Hour’s drive to Baltimore, Harrisburg, plenty of area employment opportunities. The congregation is looking forward to finding a minister with whom to partner in future mission.

St. John’s, Tylersville, PA
Membership: 78
Salary: Negotiable + Benefits, Parsonage

Position: Full-time Settled Pastor
This congregation is nestled in the mountains. The area provides an excellent opportunity for rural living at its best. Picturesque, quiet and caring community within short driving distance of 4 colleges, 5 hospitals, many state parks and cities with arts and recreation. Seeking a minister who engages the congregation and wider community.



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